Salon Ivey

Our Story

Our Story

Here we go! Two sisters on the loose! We are on a mission to change the world one haircut at a time! This has really been a cool dream for us for quite a long time, and to see our dream come to life is almost unreal. Do we blink? Can we blink? It’s been such a great experience so far. We have been lucky enough in life to have lost a lot to know what it’s like to have something so amazing at our fingertips. We are just so incredibly excited to be on this adventure together. We’ve got a fantastic team behind us, and with that we are so proud to say, “Welcome to Salon Ivey!”
– Danielle & Casey

About Salon Ivey

Salon Ivey is a AVEDA Exclusive hair salon located in Pinckney Michigan, started by two sisters. We offer a wide array of haircuts, coloring, waxing and nail services. All of our staff are expertly trained and dedicated to making your experience relaxing and memorable. We strive to provide everyone who walks through our doors the highest quality service as possible.

The Experience

We believe in the Aveda plant based, naturally-derived product line and the philosophy that Aveda stands for. Each of our haircuts comes with a shoulder, scalp and head massage – giving each of our clients a unique-spa like experience, while using environmentally friendly and economically sensible products. Not only do we use Aveda products on our clients, but you can purchase the full Aveda product line right here at Salon Ivey.